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At Local Dirt, we’re excited to announce the launch of an engaging new segment that promises to dive deep into the heart of Newnan’s local news. We’ve aptly named it “Danny Does the Dirt,” where our very own Danny Beck will be casting his eye on the headlines featured in The Newnan Times-Herald and offering […]

Introducing “Danny Does the Dirt”: Exploring Newnan’s News with Danny Beck

We really enjoyed our time with Dean on the podcast. I am always amazed that so few people understand the important role that public school systems play in a community. Beyond its role as an institution for learning, a robust school system is the cornerstone of a thriving and interconnected community. At the heart of […]

Smokin’ in the Boys Room (no, not really)

Hello, fellow enthusiasts of dirt! Welcome to the first blog post of “Local Dirt,” the podcast and blog that aims to bring communities together, one scoop at a time. I am Leigh Schlumper, a real estate expert from the beautiful Coweta County. My co-host, Erica Schlumper, is also here with me. She is always on […]

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