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Meet Leigh Schlumper, the realtor-turned-podcast host on Local Dirt. Formerly a county commissioner in Coweta, Leigh brings a reformed politician's perspective to the mic. Born and raised in the community, she merges her real estate savvy with a unique insider view on the stories that make Coweta County special. 

We're Erica & Leigh Schlumper

PODCAST HOSTs, daughter and mother in law duo. 

Meet Erica Schlumper, your go-to designer by day and the voice behind Local Dirt by night. Born and raised in Coweta County, she's your insider guide to the community's untold stories.

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Dive into the heart of your town's processes with "Local Dirt." These episodes are a quick and easy way to grasp local governance dynamics and stay informed about what's happening in your community.


Local Dirt is great way to learn more about our community and get your information straight from the people who make decisions.

walter a.

Local Dirt is the podcast I never knew I needed. It's a captivating journey through the heart and soul of small-town America. 

george k.


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