Local Dirt: Digging into Our Community, One Podcast at a Time!

Hello, fellow enthusiasts of dirt! Welcome to the first blog post of “Local Dirt,” the podcast and blog that aims to bring communities together, one scoop at a time. I am Leigh Schlumper, a real estate expert from the beautiful Coweta County. My co-host, Erica Schlumper, is also here with me. She is always on the lookout for exciting things to do in our charming town of Newnan.

We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of “Local Dirt,” our podcast that takes you on a thrilling journey through the heart of our community. But before we delve into the juicy details of what to expect, let us share with you why we are doing this and why you should stay tuned!

Coweta County is not merely a dot on the map, but a lively and flourishing community bustling with remarkable individuals who are accomplishing incredible feats. From the active streets of The City to the dynamic environment of the school district, there is a plethora of activities and events happening here that deserve recognition.

You might wonder why you should care, but don’t worry, “Local Dirt” is here to help. We are not like any other podcast – we are your witty, charming, and slightly goofy companions on a mission to uncover the hidden gems, quirky stories, and fascinating insights from our own backyard. Think of us as your reliable neighborhood explorers, equipped with microphones and a healthy dose of humor.

Let’s shift our focus to our special guests. No, we’re not going to interview any Hollywood A-listers or famous politicians (although that would be interesting too!). Instead, we are delighted to bring you the real stars of our community – the local public figures who play a significant role in making Coweta County a fantastic place to live in. Our guests include city officials who work hard to keep things running smoothly and educators who shape the minds of our future leaders. They are here to share their stories and insights, and to give you a good laugh along the way.

At Local Dirt, we believe that having a good time is not the only thing that matters, although we won’t mind if it happens. Our mission is to promote smart growth, engage with the community, and showcase the amazing things that you can do right here in Newnan. Erica is dedicated to discovering the most thrilling events, activities, and hidden treasures, so you can always have an enjoyable weekend ahead.

And that’s what “Local Dirt” is all about, folks – a sneak peek into the heart of Coweta County. As your neighbors and friends, we’re your go-to source for all things related to our community. Join us for a fun-filled journey of local insights and laughter as we dig deep into the dirt and uncover the treasures that make our hometown shine. Together, we’ll explore the best of what Coweta County has to offer!

Stay tuned for our first podcast episode, where we dive headfirst into the heart of The City of Newnan with a special guest who’ll leave you inspired and entertained.

Until then, keep it local, keep it fun, and let’s get our hands dirty together!