Smokin’ in the Boys Room (no, not really)

We really enjoyed our time with Dean on the podcast. I am always amazed that so few people understand the important role that public school systems play in a community. Beyond its role as an institution for learning, a robust school system is the cornerstone of a thriving and interconnected community.

At the heart of every successful community lies a well-functioning school system and usually with that comes the dreaded talk of taxes. I don’t have a problem paying a school tax if it means that those dollars will go to make for a better system. Our schools are not merely a conveyor belt for pumping out students, but the cornerstone of what businesses will locate in the area, the quality of housing and neighborhoods, and my favorite, the quality of doctors that are readily available. There is a huge connection between schools and to community, but it is rarely talked about. Do you think the area’s best doctors want to move to a community that has poor-performing schools or where they can’t find a decent place to eat? Do you think big companies will relocate to an area where they can’t find a workforce?

Another topic of conversation was about senior exemptions from paying school taxes. I suppose there are two sides to that argument, and when I am a senior citizen I will probably lean toward the “don’t want to pay them side. However – seniors benefit from a healthy community just as much. Doctors, fire, and police, whether you choose to believe it or not, all revolve around how strong your school system it. It is complicated and since I can’t figure out the situation in the Middle East, I certainly cannot figure this out.

So next time you find yourself complaining about our schools, maybe take the time to be positive and see how you can be a part of making our schools all they can be – even if you don’t have kids